Comprehensive Consultancy and Systematic Analysis

A comprehensive system and requirement analysis must be carried out before OSIS can be implemented to make the necessary EAI and EDI connections. Which information must be exchanged – and with whom? The company organisation and the internal IT applications used to support the business processes must also be taken into account. For our experts this is the basis for any successful project implementation.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the business processes to be connected and definition of the workflows for the information to be exchanged (internally and externally)
  • Definition of the interfaces for the internal IT applications and for the information to be received also taking into account the technical structure of the data (syntax and semantic)
  • Incorporation of the specifications from the external partner regarding the syntax (rules for the data structure) and semantic (translation of the data content) of the EDI messages
  • Creation/modification of the implementation guides
  • Creation of mapping guides for the conversion of data between the internal interfaces and the standard message types used in the electronic data exchange
  • Setting up the technology used for the communication with internal IT applications (file transfer, access to databases, program to program communication etc.). Setting up the parameters for the exchange of electronic data with the services or networks of external partners. 
  • Specification for the choice of technical components
  • Concept for the test and transition phases of the project.
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