OSIS – Optimum connectivity, intelligent integration

You wish to technically connect multiple differing IT applications internally and externally? OSIS makes it possible – with the appropriate state of the art protocol adaptors that are continually being modified according to the latest technical standards.
The transfer of data can be carried out in OSIS using a wide variety of protocols – for example from SAP-RFC to TCP/IP FTP or from X.400 to E-Mail or AS2 etc.
EDI-Partner Anwendungssystem JAVA Application SQL Datenbank SAP Partner Web-Anwendungen Mainframe
X.400, ODETTE ftp, OFTP2, FTAM, EMAIL, AS2, TCP/IP-ftp, -sftp
X.400, ODETTE ftp, OFTP2, FTAM, EMAIL, AS2, TCP/IP-ftp, -sftp
TCP/IP-ftp, TCP/IP-sftp, TCP/IP-rcp, TCP/IP-scp
When using Call OSIS Java library is made available to enable the connection of OSIS into any Java programme.
SQL Client JDBC and the specific client tools from the database manufacturers.
SAP-RFC (ALE), SAP-R/3 EDI, BAPI-Call, Batch-Input, SAP PI Adaptor
AS2, SOAP, TCP/IP-ftp, TCP/IP-sftp, http, https
ftp, MQ-Series, DB2

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