OSIS – Grows with your business requirements

OSIS is a system for every business. With its flexible licencing concept it is completely adaptable to fit to your business requirements furthermore the licence is independent of the volume of data managed. OSIS can be installed on all Windows and UNIX, (i.e. Linux) systems.

Using OSIS as a classical converter software incoming data can be converted to and output format as desired, for example from EDIFACT to XML of from a flat file format to SAP IDoc format, etc.

The licence is dependent on three factors:

  • the number of business processes to be set up in OSIS
  • the requirement for modules to carry out special functions – for example for handling XML files
  • the communication adaptors required for the data exchange

With OSIS the opportunities are limitless - from a „small“ start using the basic software packet, through to an extensive data integration platform for a large company. In basic software packet the OSIS system is licenced for the configuration of a limited number of business processes, it contains all the modules and functions required to create a system for the exchange of business data.

The OSIS basic software packet can easily be extended to cater for special individual company requirements:

  • with the appropriate OSIS EDI modules for the parsing of  syntax & semantik – for example for EDIFACT, IDOC, XML etc.
  • with the OSIS communication adaptors – for example for FTP, OFTP2, SOAP, AS2, SAP-RFC, access to SQL databases etc.

A further advantage is that OSIS is independent of the operation system. This enables an easy migration between servers at any time – for example to meet the growing requirements of your EDI system the hard ware and operating systems may have to also be improved. OSIS is also completely compatible with Unicode providing the unrestricted ability to process files in UCS-2, UTF-8, UTF-16 etc.

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