Implementation and Customising of the Solution

The well-founded concept developed during the consultation phase by our team of experts together with your company can now be implemented. OSIS uses well tested and standardised solutions adapted specifically to meet your requirements (customising); these are integrated into your existing IT systems (implementation). The result is a high performance, stable working system solution in which OSIS effortlessly manages the organisation of your business processes

Customising in detail: We select the necessary OSIS software modules/components. We set up the hierarchy and sequence of the OSIS modules and components required for the message processing.  We configure the OSIS data conversion and EDI modules (Mapping). We simulate the running system in order to test the resulting constellation of the components. Incidentally: After the relevant training your staff can carry out the customising themselves.

Implementation in detail: We install the OSIS software at your company. We set up the technical connections to your internal IT applications (internally) and to your external partners – using pre-defined communication methods customised to facilitate the data exchange in each individually situation (partner administration). Once these steps have been completed to your satisfaction we start the integration tests and support you all the way through the integration of the OSIS Software into operative production system.

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