From production optimisation to EDI / EAI expertise

Behind OSIS is the company the Gesellschaft für Logistische Systeme, LS GmbH with its head office in Syke near to Bremen. The LS GmbH is a competent partner for services and products in the business of integrating business processes and IT applications in EAI and EDI scenarios – internally within companies or for inter-company connections.

Our philosophy: Controlled growth using our own resources – as a highly specialised company with a highly qualified team. We use the most modern technology for the project realisation and support of the running systems in EDI, EAI and system integration processes.

The LS GmbH was established in 1987 by Lutz Pachali. His son Michael Pachali who joined the company in 2012 became managing director in 2013.

In the early years the LS GmbH specialised in the organisation and optimisation of the physical flow of materials in the production area, buying and distribution/sales internally within companies. Even in these early days well known German companies - like Mercedes-Benz - were among the customers.

The LS GmbH started working closely with scientific institutions at the Bremen University very early on, cooperating in research and development projects – for example with the well-known “Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft”. Within the duration of this cooperation starting in 1989 we were involved in a research project from the „niedersächsischen Wirtschaftsministeriums“ and the „Bundesministers für Forschung und Technologie“ spanning over several years. The goal was to develop a central, innovative and futuristic solution for the electronic data exchange for all sea terminals in Niedersachsen and the logistic operators in the area. Result: the predecessor from OSIS, called „Niedersächsisches Kommunikations-Interface“ – or in short form: NKI.

In the 1990’s the ownership and development rights were transferred from Niedersachsen to us. At the beginning OSIS was used for EDI applications in the German sea terminals. Parallel to this SAP was being increasingly used in production companies the dynamic development opened opportunities for us within this area. OSIS was then used for the first time for the automated data exchange between SAP and other IT systems in the network. Since 1996 we have been a certified partner of SAP

Since the turn of the century we have greatly increased our competence in the branches of supplier/retailer and banking. The LS GmbH has developed into an expert for EDI and EAI, independent of the industry – and with OSIS has a product that is used in a continually increasing number of companies as the modern data transfer management system.

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