The Software for EDI, EAI and IT System Integeration

With the Software OSIS (Open System Integration Server) it is possible for companies to create a network of varying IT systems independent of the software platforms – ERP systems or even databases can be integrated. With OSIS you can:

  • Convert incoming messages into any desired output format (for example EDIFACT, SAP IDoc, CSV, XML, Flat file, ANSI X12 etc.)
  • Network your internal company processes (EAI)
  • Transfer data with external partners (EDI)

OSIS is the modern data transfer management system, with which you can manage your business processes efficiently, cost effectively with more data security. Behind OSIS is a wealth of experience in this specialised business area with the company Gesellschaft für Logistische Systeme LS GmbH.

Let us discover together how we can profitably utalise OSIS in you company. Come and talk to us.

  • In simple terms: What does OSIS do?

    In simple terms: What does OSIS do?

    Using OSIS different IT systems can easily be networked with each other. More…

  • Free up your resources: EDI Hosting with OSIS

    Free up your resources: EDI Hosting with OSIS

    Secure and reliable with a transparent cost structure. Our specialists manage your EDI processes so that you can completely concentrate on your core business. More ...

  • ZUGFeRD conform PDF/A-3 Invoices with SAP

    ZUGFeRD conform PDF/A-3 Invoices with SAP

    Lower costs and a higher cash flow for your company – with one of the first e-invoicing complete solution using the ZUGFeRD basis for SAP users. More…

News» Archive

  • 14.09.2017
  • OSIS OFTP2 Certification! OSIS OFTP2 Certification! OSIS has successfully completed the OFTP2 Interoperability Tests from ODETTE.
    » more
  • 23.02.2017
  • Successful SAP Certification! The LS GmbH has successfully (re-)certified OSIS for use with SAP.
    » more
  • 16.02.2016
  • OSIS and LS GmbH at the CeBIT 2016! Visit us from 14th to 18th March 2016 at the CeBIT 2016 in Hannover. At the pavilion A06 in hall 5 you will find advice and solutions for all your challenges in the area of EDI, EAI and other interfaces scenarios.
    » more
  • 29.12.2015
  • User Report ZUGFeRD! Gebr. Westhoff have created an invoicing process with SAP which conforms to the ZUGFeRD standards.
    » more
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